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It’s an ironic fact that a mediocre employee benefit plan, very well communicated and promoted, can be more valuable than a rich benefit plan with minimal communication and promotion. Proper communication is that critical, which is why AEIS Advisors devotes so much time and energy to it.

Health Care Reform

Let us guide you through the twists and turns of the new health care reform policies. We want to help you learn more about how the new guidelines will affect you and/or your business. Health care reform is complex – we make it simple for you.


Meeting employee needs is a challenge. Meeting the government’s is critical.

We help employers effectively anticipate and manage emerging regulatory issues and reduce the risk of financial and reputational damage. Compliance is an ongoing process, not just a milestone to reach, pass and leave behind.

AEIS employs some of the finest Personal Account Managers in the business. With backgrounds in employee benefits, marketing and customer service, our Personal Account Managers can handle anything. AEIS clients are partnered with a primary Personal Account Manager to help them out with any and every question they may have.

Client Testimonials

  • I want to let you know how very much I appreciate all the advice and excellent direction you’ve given us over the years. I know our account wasn’t particularly profitable but you always treated us as though we were supremely important. It would have been much easier for you let us drift away but you always hung in there and went the extra mile, two, three or four.

    - President, Event Production Company

  • Thank you for putting the Plan Document together for us!  It is a big accomplishment knowing that we are in compliance!   Once again we are grateful and thankful for your continuing support and enjoy the relationship that we share.

    - Office Manager, Food Distribution Company

  • Dear Ron,
    Thank you so much for generously supporting [us] and our AIDS walk team this year. It was a lovely foggy Sunday morning in Golden Gate Park, with thousands of folks walking to fight AIDS. It has been a pleasure working with you over the years. You have saved us LOTS of money! I want you to know how much we appreciate all that you do!

    - San Francisco, Non-profit organization

  • You are absolutely the best! Thank you.
    p.s.  Others take note. You don’t get service like this every day.”

    - Securities Broker in San Francisco, CA

  • I have joined the class that Ron invited me to regarding HR and FMLA, etc. Thank you for your ongoing support and assistance; it is a pleasure doing business with you.”

    - Preschool Director

  • I just want to let you know that YOU ARE AWESOME. You’re always on top of things and answer questions promptly and in detail. I love working with you.”

    - Office Operations Administrator, IT Consulting Firm

  • Switching over to AEIS Advisors was the best decision we’ve made this year. Ronald and his team were able to identify discrepancies on our billing statements which got missed by our last broker, and they saved us over $8,000 in credits! AEIS has proven to be an attentive and caring company, looking out for the best needs of their clients.”

    - Director of Operations

  • Kathy! You are amazing! I was speaking with Dr. John today re a patient and on his own he brought up how you were able to fix his wife and daughter’s insurance in less than 24 hours AND you were so NICE and PROFESSIONAL. He then said you were AMAZING.
    I absolutely love working with you, Ron, and the entire gang!
    Just wanted to pass this on – and again thank you for all you do for us!!!!

    - Office Manager, Surgical Center in San Francisco