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In 2017, a federal bill passed that repealed the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate, a tax penalty for individuals who are not enrolled in a health insurance plan. The repeal of the Federal Individual Mandate penalty fee took effect in 2019 but if you live in California a new mandate may be coming your way. Last year in 2019 the California legislature passed a budget bill that included a state-level individual mandate for those without health insurance.

According to the California Franchise Tax Board, the California mandate took effect on January 1, 2020, and requires all Californians to be enrolled in a qualifying health insurance plan or possibly face a tax penalty.

The penalty amount depends on your state income and the number of people in your household. Depending on your situation, when you file your 2020 state income tax return in 2021 your penalty could range from $695 to thousands of dollars.

How to Avoid Paying the Mandate

The mandate only applies to you if you pay taxes in California.

If you already have health insurance, whether through your employer, the individual marketplace, or a government-sponsored or subsidized plan then you don’t have to worry. The penalty only applies to people who don’t have health insurance.

If you don’t have health insurance, you could still qualify for an exemption from the penalty. The exemption reasons vary from excessive cost of obtaining insurance (exceeding 8.24% of household income in the 2020 taxable year) to have a short coverage gap of 3 consecutive months or less to many more exemption qualifications.

If you and your dependents don’t qualify for an exemption then you, your spouse or domestic partner, and your dependents all need to enroll in a health insurance plan for every month beginning on January 1, 2020. Otherwise, you may have to pay a fee under your 2020 tax returns when you file in spring 2021.

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