Are you an insurance broker? Do you own a health insurance book of business? Are you curious how much you could sell it for or what unique options are available so you can make money from your book of business while either retiring or continuing to work?

AEIS, Inc. has a team of expert advisors ready to help you sell your group health insurance book of business.

There are a variety of exit strategies. Some of those exit strategies include:

  • Selling your business to another health insurance brokerage– Buyers and sellers have trouble arriving at a price for the book of business.. Selling your business to another insurance brokerage, such as AEIS, Inc. will give the owner a peace of mind knowing that they won’t get the short end of the transaction. AEIS, Inc. helps in maximizing the sale price while ensuring the business owner gets their fair share.
  • Dissolving the business – Dissolving the business as an exit strategy is where you close your business and sell all of your assets. This is a recommended strategy when the time has come to move on. If you choose this route, just know that you will need to use cash to pay your shareholders if there are any as well as eliminate any debts.
  • Training someone to take over the business – Training someone to take over your business can help maintain your company’s legacy, but also can be full of ups and downs. Selling your stake is a way to keep business running as usual if you find someone who is like minded like you. It’s a very common exit strategy, but you have to prepare for many years.

You built your insurance business from scratch, and now you’re looking to sell your insurance book of business. Need help with exiting your business? Let us help!

AEIS, Inc. helps companies all throughout the San Francisco Bay Area leveraging the company’s employment and benefits to increase customer loyalty, sales growth, and business efficiency. We can help execute an exit strategy for you in order to limit your company’s losses. As a leading brokerage, we have the resources and expertise to ensure that your clients receive the best possible outcomes.

We can provide you with a variety of options in buying your book of business to fit your needs as a broker. Contact us today at (650) 348-6234 to review which exit strategy is best suited for you.