Our purpose is to help our clients create better financial outcomes. We know that better outcomes mean something different to every organization. We’ve learned that most clients have at least one of three main challenges that are getting in the way of them achieving better financial outcomes: Time, Talent, and Clarity.

Time: Businesses these days start the morning with 10 things to do and only the bandwidth to do 8. Your HR and finance teams have more on their plate than ever before. Our clients believe that if they can free up their team’s time they can achieve their goals faster without using more resources. One of our goals as your broker is to help your team save their most valuable resource, their time, so they can focus on the activities that make the greatest impact on your business.

Talent: In an environment experiencing record low unemployment, competition for talent is at an all-time high. Our clients firmly believe that their employees are their company’s most valuable asset and that improving talent acquisition and retention will give their business an edge in reaching their objectives. We have decades of expertise and experience across industries to deliver and customize the best employee benefits options for your business so you can retain your top talent and compete at the top of the market.

Clarity: New laws, trends and technologies change the business landscape so often, and so quickly, that it can be difficult as an employer to fully understand what these changes mean to you while also having to manage your business. Clients work with us because they assert that having a partner to help keep them aware of developments that directly affect them allows their business to focus on growing and generating revenue.

We go above and beyond standard benefits offerings. We shop the market every year to deliver customized benefits that perfectly fit your business. We are there for you throughout the year, dedicated to removing the complexities of benefits administration and future legislation.

Partnering with AEIS is much more than having an insurance agent – it is having an insurance strategist, advocate, and advisor, set on helping you and your company thrive.

If you would like to hear more about our processes and our approach, listen to our podcast with Kruze Consulting. In it our President, Ron Bland, and our benefits consultant, Dillon Castro, discuss different strategies, trends and ideas we commonly employ with our clients. Listen to our podcast here.

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