Helpful Information for Employers and Employees

With so many people working from home or not being able to access their office spaces, the carriers are working to be able to assist their policy holders with ways to continue administering their plans with as little disruption as possible. For your convenience, we have included the links to the various carriers pages below.

Employer Registration

Many of the carriers have the ability to provide billing statements online, receive payments online and enroll or terminate employees via their online platforms. Be sure to take advantage of this access by registering for their employer service portals, if you have not done so already.

Member Resources

Your employees can also have access to their health information via many carrier online sites once they register. Many medical carriers offer virtual visits, options to email physicians, and the ability to get answers to frequently asked questions, all through their member portals. We have included the registration links below as well as links to mobile apps that many of the carriers provide. Please share this information with your employees. Keeping social distance is especially important in healthcare facilities and these features allow members to receive care without having to go out into the spaces where they could be most at risk for transmission of COVID-19.

Member Registration Links

Mobile Apps for Members’ Smart Phones

Please contact your AEIS Personal Account Manager if you have any questions. We are here to support both you and your employees during this critical time.

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