We Have the Technology – AEIS’s Newest Partnership

Being a little over halfway through 2019, this is the time of year we check in with all our contacts to learn what is going on in their world and to give them insight into what is happening in ours. Here’s what we’ve been working on:

This year we are excited to announce that we have begun a new partnership with Rippling!

Among the many changes we’ve seen over the years in our industry, none have been as nuanced or as rapid as the ever-expanding capabilities of technology. It wasn’t long ago that cloud based payroll, benefits and HR platforms were new and novel concepts. As important a breakthrough as these innovations have been for the way employers now operate, there is a problem we’ve seen many employers experience.

Even employers who adopted these technological innovations often faced the issue of having multiple separate platforms that operate completely independent of each other. Double entry of data and potential for errors in transcribing and reconciling data can almost cause more headaches than not using technology at all.

Another layer to the problem has been that the technology exists, but a gap has existed in the relationship between the companies developing it and benefit advisors, meaning employers are often forced to choose whether they wanted the tech or the advisor.

For years we’ve heard employers explain these issues and we’ve been determined to find a solution. After vetting numerous potential partners over several years, we’ve finally found the perfect fit that allows our clients to have the best technology without having to sacrifice having licensed, experienced benefits advisors.

Rippling is a fully integrated Payroll, HR, IT and Benefits administration system that integrates with hundreds of apps like salesforce, zoom and slack. It allows everything to be in one place making it easy for employees and employers/administrators. Schedule a Demo.

To learn more about Rippling and our partnership, you can see our blog post on our website or click this link see what Rippling has to say and schedule a demo. https://aeisadvisors.com/aeis-rippling-forge-alliance/


Compliance Updates

We have always placed tremendous value and focus on keeping our clients in the good graces of “The Departments” (IRS, DOL, etc.), but we also know that just the words “Healthcare Compliance” often inspire one of two emotions from employers and plan administrators: apathy or anxiety. As if there wasn’t enough to keep track of for employers in CA, the PPACA has given employers even more to juggle in recent years. While it may not be fun to hear about compliance, we’ve created new tools to make it easier to understand.

Check out our new infographic that briefly explains what regulations to look out for and how to determine if your organization is subject to them. For employers with employees in San Francisco we even created a separate graphic that addresses the many regulations that are particular to the city.

Once you have figured out what to be aware of, refer to our Compliance checklist to be sure you’ve got everything you need.

If you have any questions about any of these regulations or want to speak with us about a specific situation, please feel free to reach out to us at (650) 348-6234


Hotel Via Event to celebrate our partnerships!

We’re hosting an event on Monday 8/19 at the Hotel Via rooftop lounge (across from the Giants ballpark on King St. in SF) with a couple of our channel partners and we wanted to invite you to go. The cost for the event to the public would normally be $50-$75 per person (there will be drinks and appetizers) but this link will let you register for no cost.

Our goal is to have Technology & SaaS, Human Resources, Real Estate, Social Media, Finance, Marketing and other businesses come together for drinks, appetizers and networking.

Our cohosts will be Rippling and Keating Consulting. You may have read about them above, but Rippling is a new technology partner of ours that provides integrated administrative processes like payroll, HR and benefits. Keating Consulting is an accounting firm and consultancy providing interim financial leadership and back office support to startups and early-stage companies.

If you have any other colleagues or contemporaries you think would get value out of this event, please feel free to share the link with them so they can register for no cost: https://business-buzz-aeis-82019.eventbrite.com?discount=AEIS

We hope you’re able to make it!

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