Mission Statement

United Benefit Advisors (UBA) is the third largest employee benefits brokerage and consultant group in North America with over 220 offices around the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom. With size comes geographical outreach; need to run employee meetings at the same time in Portland, Oregon, and Portland, Maine? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Need help figuring out what to offer and how to arrange your Canadian division? Our offices in Canada specializes in that kind of request. Need help sorting through the requirements for your offices in Shanghai, Mumbai, and Abu Dhabi? Let our Global Division help.

As a market leader, UBA has a wealth of technology, Partner-Firm-Logo-Signature-Blue-RGB-CMYK_web250strategic alliances, proprietary products, discounted services and the nation’s largest full-service health plan survey.

Unlike other national firms, UBA acts as a true partnership. We meet often. We discuss compliance, communication and market issues, continually. We each act as the local outpost for UBA members in other cities. Local service and intelligence bound by a culture of sharing and accountability.

UBA understands that health plan costs are the main concern for almost all employers, and that federal healthcare reform (PPACA) is just one facet of that concern. As a local part of UBA, AEIS Advisors has run educational meetings with law offices and CPA firms. But AEIS Advisors doesn’t stop with providing sophisticated “pay or play” analyses or healthcare reform compliance reviews. It is a leader in developing innovative solutions for larger employers, bringing the employers and providers together to create a more efficient health plan with lower costs.



Global Benefits

The United States economy and business is increasing interlinked with global business. That reality places burdens on U.S. employers that employ workers in other countries or have employees coming to, or leaving, the U.S. How are they and their families to be protected? What are the local requirements in Germany, China, or India? What insurance is needed when a U.S. executives travels abroad? Is repatriation insurance in place? Will the current health plan’s emergency coverage out of the country suffice? What health and other benefits should be provided to employees working in Mexico, the U.K., or Argentina? We offer several solutions.

Our office in the U.K. is one of the founders of Worldwide Employee Benefits (WEB), which represents “benefits without borders.” WEB has developed global software by listening and responding to its clients’ request for a single source solution for international Employee Benefits.

WEB has a powerful platform that has been designed to allow companies to manage their programs, whether a small localized company or a multinational organization with complex requirements.

WEB enables HR to manage from a single desktop all of their employee benefit programs throughout the world. It understands that each client is unique and has therefore designed an international program to provide a custom-based solution.