How to Get Your HR Department Back on Track (Without Really Trying) by Wyatt Bland


What do you think of when you think of HR? Whether you are in the field or work alongside them at your office, you may think of human resources as simply the department that handles all the paperwork. In too many corporate offices today, HR is viewed at its best as the ones who handle the dirty work of a company’s operations and at its worst an unnecessary entity.

This view of HR is not only inaccurate but dangerous to the health and potential of your company’s success and ability to grow. HR ought to be looking after personnel changes, not administration. As business executive Jack Welch states in his blog article, “What could possibly be more important than who gets hired, developed, promoted, or moved out the door?” So then why would you bog down that department with administrative work?

Jack and Suzy Welch explain further in their book The Real-Life MBA that “HR isn’t optional—not in any industry” and that HR “gets a bad rap because most organizations lump administrative HR and real HR together.” They go on to explain how “administrative” HR consists of payroll, benefits, and so on. Meanwhile “real” HR is the one that is in charge of people development and “finding, training, motivating, and retaining great talent.” But if HR is too busy dealing with administrative day-to-day tasks then it cannot focus enough attention on the long term strategies of real HR.

So if you’re a business owner or if you work in HR, how do you bring your HR department back to where it needs to be in order to hire and develop your team and company?

We recommend investing in a Human Resources Information System (HRIS). A HRIS is able to streamline the administrative functions that we normally associate with HR departments. This digital software is not here to necessarily replace HR. Instead, HRIS allows HR departments to focus less on the administration of a company and more on the growth of your business.

We work side by side with many great HRIS programs and PEOs. Call us at 650-348-6234 to see if you can take advantage of our special channel partnership pricing and get started on streamlining your HR administration today.

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