AEIS has been serving the Bay Area by providing its clients customized business solutions for over 30
years. At AEIS, we focus on the Three C’s – Customer Service, Compliance, and Creativity.

Customer Service – Our clients are our number 1 priority, and our staff of Personal Account
Managers bring years of experience so they can provide you with the answers you need promptly! Part
of our service is getting to know you, and your employees as well. When we walk into a client’s office,
we know the name of the person sitting at the reception desk, not just the corporate executives.

Compliance – As the role of government in insurance expands, so does the need for compliance. You need a compliance expert to help you stay ‘Audit Ready’, and to be able to answer those tough questions as they arise. We are happy to provide our In-House Compliance Officer to our clients as part of our services.

Creativity – With the rising costs of health care, employers are constantly looking for ways to improve their benefits package, while maintaining or reducing their bottom line. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we are well equipped with the knowledge and resources to help you implement a creative solution.

Partnering with AEIS is much more than having an insurance agent – it is having an insurance strategist, advocate, and advisor, set on helping you and your company thrive.